The Weight That You Left

by Sighclone

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released June 15, 2017

Recorded by Ethan Cartwright
Mixed & Mastered by Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios
Artwork by Daniel Waine & Ethan Cartwright

Music & Lyrics Written & Performed by Sighclone



all rights reserved


Sighclone Adelaide, Australia

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Track Name: Move On
Caught the midnight train on my own
Wondering what I did wrong
Always wishing, always waiting
For a better life when I’m alone

I’m so sick of being involved
With people who take me for granted

At least I can look back and laugh
At all those memories I still cherish now
The thing is I’ve moved on now
And you’re still stuck in the past

I was there but you never cared
Just an empty space without you there

Just an empty space without a home
Thats all I got now, you let it all go
You don’t know what you have until its gone
But the sad thing is, you never moved on

You never moved on, you’re so fake
I can’t believe the mistakes you made
You never moved on, you never moved on.
Track Name: Sympathy
Woke up from the medication I was given
What I would’ve done to sleep in
Just like your nature, its all take and no giving
That all stops right now

Why the fuck should I have tried, when all you did was complain
My threshold will never be the same, and you’re going nowhere in life

Now here I am, thankful for what I have
I guess that's what you get for being you

But I didn’t fuck up my social life
To hear all about your suicidal pride
Just to bring me down with you

The next two months were hard
They were just like you said
But at the time I didn’t really understand what you meant

It felt productive, waste away as I go
Drinking bottle after bottle
Its all I’ll ever know

Your clammy hands grip my throat
Choking me until I say let go
But you always grip tighter

Your clammy hands will always stay
Til my set departing day
It didn’t have to be this way

Its all I have right now, is this what you wanted?
Searching for strength in my messed up situation
All that extra bullshit, all of those fake friendships, passed out on the pavement
It didn’t have to be this way

Your hands grip around my throat, never letting go
And I what I can’t seem to bear, is the weight that you left
For the past three years

If you’re so special, then why where you with me?
I can clearly feel your lack of empathy
I don’t want your fucking sympathy

I’m not perfect
I never was
Track Name: My Mistake
The leaves they start to fall again
And I’m stuck inside my head
Rotating memories of you
That I can’t erase

Wish I could go back and change my ways
As I face my wasted days
Complaining isn’t gonna change
Why I’ll never learn its my mistake